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Mortgage Timelines

The most confusing time for any new home buyer is the period between the day you make your successful offer and the day you actually get the keys. In some cases, it could be several months between those two points in time. The hard work for you is over. The hard work for us just begins.  Our job is to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

With that offer to purchase, we will go to the mortgage market – based on the initial conversations we’ve had about your wants and needs – and we will put a mortgage in place for you within two or three days. That’s going to allow you to “release the financing condition” or, in other words, make the purchase a legally binding contract.

After you’ve released your financing condition, we’re going to get together for another meeting with your Castle Mortgage specialist. By then, the mortgage lender will have given us a list of any additional documentation that we’ll need to get from you to close the deal.

This is the also when any necessary fine tuning or tweaks can be made to ensure that you get the mortgage that you want on your new house.

Your Castle Mortgage specialist will ensure that your mortgage is structured correctly and all the paperwork gets to the lawyer on time. We’ll also stay in regular communication with you so that you’re never left wondering “what’s next?” We will communicate with you, your lawyer, your real estate agent, and your insurance provider, to make sure that all the ducks line up in a row, until the day you get notification that you’re going in to see the lawyer to get the keys to your new house.