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Jeff Sparrow on The Sparrow Team Advantage

Our job is to make this process easy and to make it work for you.

Everybody knows what a mortgage is and everybody knows what an insurance broker is, but few people know what a mortgage broker does. When you need home insurance, you go to a broker to shop the market and get you the best deal for you. It’s exactly what a mortgage broker does. We go to all of the lenders and find the right mortgage for you.

Mortgages can be difficult to understand if you’re not immersed in the mortgage world every day, like I am. (Some people would say that makes me a pretty boring guy!) But we’re here to guide you all the way and make the process clear and simple. It shouldn’t be a mystery.

We’re Manitoba’s largest producing mortgage team. Rate isn’t even an issue. No bank, no credit union, no competing mortgage broker, will ever get you a better rate than I can get you today. So let’s put the rate discussion over here and let’s talk about what you actually need.

We understand that every client’s like a jigsaw puzzle. Every client needs someone to put those pieces of the puzzle together specifically for them, and that’s actually why I got in this business. We're not making widgets, we’re not sitting in a factory. We’re putting together a creative solution for all our clients, all the time, every day. That’s where our financial institutions really fall down; they offer cookie cutter advice. It’s the same for everybody: " We don’t really care about your situation. This is what we have to offer. Take it or leave it."

You come to us and you’re not a statistic, you’re a client. We understand that it’s not just about the transaction of the mortgage, it’s much more. The old way of doing it: you walk in, you sign the papers. Now what? You had to go out on your own and find a lawyer, an insurance person, and an appraiser. At Castle Mortgage, we’ve built it all in-house. We have an in-house appraiser, we have in-house life insurance specialists, we have an in-house lawyer. We communicate with all of the parties involved, especially our clients.

At the end of the day, like I say, I’m everybody’s best friend because I do all your work for you and you don’t have to pay me. Everybody loves that! The biggest misconception in the marketplace is that there is a hidden cost. That can’t be further from the truth because the way we originate business for the financial institutions is quite simple. We introduce you, the client, to the entire marketplace. By doing that, we put everyone in a position to fight for your business. We’re all about full disclosure, so when it comes to the whole commission side of the equation, it’s not that we’re owned by a bank, it’s not that we’re directing our business a certain way. It’s all about your best interests. It’s all about your money.

And I think that that comes across from the minute you walk in the door. We’re not smoke-and-mirrors, we don’t have an agenda, other than helping our clients. And that’s really what gets us out of bed every morning to help people – we’re saving everybody a ton of money, giving people peace of mind, and we’re not charging them anything. How much better does it get than that?